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Our packages at DIMENSIONE ATTIVA are aimed at people like who want to explore the outdoors through multiple activities that can be done while discovering various new places and situations each time. All the activities are connected by a common thread: the beauty of the various environments seen through the eyes of an active participant and not as a mere observer. We are very careful about the services that we offer, so we think it is important to choose our destinations and accommodation carefully. We also believe that local food, wine, history and culture are an important aspect of our holidays.

The outdoors

When we plan our holidays, we let the great outdoors, in all of its colours and seasons, guide us from the start.

How? We offer various activities so that everyone can participate; whether you are a newbie who wants to enter this “active dimension” for the first time or a trained athlete who wants a new and engaging type of holiday.


“Move” is a great way to give space to the natural curiosity and desire that everyone has to discover the natural beauties of our world. It’s also a way to go beyond your limits and let yourself be guided by your steps arriving straight at the heart of the experience.


Your meetings will become another essential ingredient of your trip, starting with the people who will help you to find the right holiday for your needs, moving on to the people with whom you will share your experience, passing on to the guides / instructors who will accompany you and our collaborators who will welcome you into their hotels and other tourist facilities.


Daniele ``Friz`` Frigerio

My name’s Daniele, but everyone calls me Friz.
I’ve always been a lover of the mountains, the sea and of nature in general.
I am certified on an international level as an International Mountain Leader UIMLA and I have other Italian certifications as an AmM Mountaineering Guide, Park Guide and Trekking and Nature Guide.
I’ve been a Nordic Walking instructor and trainer for many years for various courses all over Italy.
Passion, skills and most of all desire, as well as loving travelling to these places and sharing them with others, have been the motivators to push me to become a full time outdoor guide.

Monica Pasquinelli

I have a degree in Foreign Languages and Modern Literature and I have always worked in the field of tourism, travelling and international commerce. I have been a Nordic Walking instructor since 2009, a Winter Nordic Walking instructor and a trainer in the sector of Nordic Walking since 2015. I love teaching the Nordic Walking technique so much that I decided to make it my full time job in 2016, so Dimensione Attiva was the result of my love for walking combined with my enthusiasm for travelling and exploring.

Graziano Baleani

I have always loved the outdoor world, so I try to spend my free time travelling following itineraries, most of all on my motorbike.
I was part of the Italian Canine Rescue Unit in the region of Le Marche for nine years with my dog, Ghito, a gorgeous German Shepherd. Later while I was on holiday with my new Golden Retriever puppy, I learned about Nordic Walking in Trentino.
I have been a Nordic Walking and Winter Nordic Walking Instructor since 2009. In 2013 I became a Master and in 2015 a Master Trainer for the Italian School of Nordic Walking.
Teaching the techniques of Nordic Walking is not my main job. To be exact, I am a businessman and I have a Degree in Economics and Business with a specialization in Marketing and Computer Science, but everything that revolves around the outdoors has become my passion.
Life is a journey… I hope my walk with Dimensione Attive will be very long one!


Our trainers and guides of the various outdoor sports that we offer are always highly qualified and specialized in the specific activity offered.

They can either be part of our staff at Dimensione Attive or they can be external collaborators who work with us when needed.