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Trekking through nature on your own two legs is the best and only real way to experience the outdoors from the inside. Dimensione Attiva has created new itineraries and excursions that will allow you to get the most out of your trekking holidays. Climbing up a scenic mountaintop at sunset, hiking through colourful woods in autumn, going down to the sea to find secluded and uncontaminated bays are all examples of what you can see and the emotions that you can experience.

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Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a style of walking which allows you to work your whole body thanks to the use of specially designed walking poles, and unlike hiking, which is done on narrow, winding and often steep  trails, Nordic walking can be done on semi-flat terrain or on slopes as long as they allow for the correct technique. In other words, it’s an outdoor sport that everyone can do without a problem.

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With pedal-assisted bikes, often called electric bikes or e-bikes, travelling by bike is easy and it can be done everyone, even for those who have never considered this type of means as a way of getting around. You don’t have to be very fit and you can easily find the right balance between minimal effort and a healthy amount of exercise. With the help of the motor, you will be able to enjoy going up hill. A trip on an e-bike is the best and easiest way to experience nature and see the most beautiful landscapes. From the sea to the mountains, from the hills to the valleys, with expert tour guides, you will truly enjoy biking in the most sustainable way possible surrounded by nature without worrying about getting tired and while being aware that the electric motor will kick into action giving your wheels the right push whenever you need it.

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Snowshoeing is an easy way to discover a different dimension of the mountains in wintertime, allowing us to explore the stunning white mountains in a diverse and safe way, far away from the chaos of ski slopes and lifts. You will be lead by trained and certified guides, as it is better to be prepared and have the right skills to practice winter sports; snowshoeing is the best way to experience the emotions offered by walking in nature surrounded by snowy and quiet landscapes. It’s the perfect opportunity to put yourself to the test and discover breathtaking views where the password is “Yes, I’m going to work hard,” but it’s also “I’m going to relax” … even at night! Have you ever experienced snowshoeing in the moonlight or with a headlight?

It is definitely a green and low cost winter sport par excellence, especially compared to skiing, in addition to being easy to learn… All it takes is one outing to learn how to snowshoe and learn the basic techniques in order “to float on the snow”. Over time you can also learn the tricks of the trade to optimize your stride when going uphill, make your downhill more dynamic and adapt to the various blankets of snow. One thing for sure is that you will have loads of fun with snowshoes.

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Beach and trekking excursions

A new and different way to experience the sea, far away from packed beaches, queues and crowds. Walking on paths and trails that most people don’t consider allows us to reach hidden corners to see stunning views of the sea and of the nature surrounding the area. The sea and the mountains in a magical union… trekking on isolated paths or along the coast or along a mountain ridge, but the routes will always be near the sea where we can get constantly changing perspectives and landscapes behind every curve. The view will range from wild landscapes to coastal towns, or from the nearby backcountry  to the greatness of the sea among the sea stacks, caves and coves. Our holidays, ranging in various levels of difficulty, will allow you to admire landscapes and views while walking down to the coast where you can have a swim in crystal clear waters and where the beaches will you the master. Of course, you will also learn about  the local cuisine, history and culture of the places.

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People who love intense experiences will find in these types of holidays offers that will allow them to experience the heart of the mountains in the best way possible. Technique, endurance and exploration are three words that can define your experience overcoming the challenges that can be met going up a mountain in either the summer or winter. Every uphill road will be a stimulating challenge and the amazing view that will appear in front of you will be the right award for your effort. Climbing or ice routes, normal paths to the tops of the most famous mountains, vie ferrate paths and ski alpinism are just some of the activities that you can request, and the Alpine Guides will know how to share their knowledge and guide you so that you can practice these mountain sports safely while receiving the right tips.

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