Beach and trekking excursions

The Sea from Other Points of View


A new and different way to experience the sea, far away from packed beaches, queues and crowds.

Walking on paths and trails that most people don’t consider allows us to reach hidden corners to see stunning views of the sea and of the nature surrounding the area.

The sea and the mountains in a magical union… trekking on isolated paths or along the coast or along a mountain ridge, but the routes will always be near the sea where we can get constantly changing perspectives and landscapes behind every curve.

The view will range from wild landscapes to coastal towns, or from the nearby backcountry  to the greatness of the sea among the sea stacks, caves and coves.

Our holidays, ranging in various levels of difficulty, will allow you to admire landscapes and views while walking down to the coast where you can have a swim in crystal clear waters and where the beaches will you the master. Of course, you will also learn about  the local cuisine, history and culture of the places.

Useful tips for trekking

This activity takes place  in the summer, but mainly at the beginning and end of the season, so we suggest also some warmer clothes in case there’s bad weather.

Technical shirts made of breathable and fast-drying fabrics are best on walks.

It is a good idea to have a long-sleeved shirt in case it is rainy or windy.

A waterproof and windproof jacket (also know as a shell jacket, made out of  Goretex or something similar). This is what you will wear if it is windy or rainy and it can be useful for potential boat rides. They are lightweight and once folded take up little space in your backpack.

We suggest convertible trousers: trousers with removable legs that become shorts. They will protect your legs on the twisting trails in the Mediterranean Scrub.

Socks made out of technical and breathable materials are recommended compared to cotton socks.

An ergonomic backpack with straps that can wrap around your waist; a 25-30 litre capacity is suitable for a day trip.

Footwear: both high cut hiking boots and low cut trekking shoes with appropriate outsoles are suitable for light walks.

Backpack covers in case it rains.

Collapsible trekking poles (according to your tastes)

In this section, we give some general tips and a list of  accessories to help you to avoid unpleasant situations.

Our beach and trekking trips almost always include the possibility of swimming in the sea. Make sure you bring a bathing costume, a beach towel and water shoes for beaches located in rocky areas.

We suggest keeping a change of clothes in your backpack (a shirt), which could be useful when you sweat or get wet.

Bring a hat to protect your head from the sun.

Be sure to have sunglasses with a filter category of 3 (all sunglasses should have the category written on them, ranging from 1 to 4).

Sunscreen (careful when choosing the the SPF) and protective lip balm, which are necessary for protection against UV rays during your activities.

Your water bottle will be very important. It should hold at least a litre and for hotter temperatures you should increase the volume to two or more litres and perhaps add  electrolytes to your drinks.

Packing food is very personal and you need to consider your needs and tastes.  Keep in mind that dinner will be served in the various tourist facilities (i.e. hotels) hosting us, so the food that we are talking about regards the meals that you will eat during the outings. You should therefore choose the food and the quantities keeping in mind that a heavy backpack could have a negative impact on your trip. So it’s a good idea to evaluate the quantities, weights and sizes. Energy bars are a good option because they take up little space while providing an adequate amount of energy. If you choose more traditional foods, it’s better to choose foods rich in carbohydrates.

Active destinations