High Emotions


People who love intense experiences will find in these types of holidays offers that will allow them to experience the heart of the mountains in the best way possible.

Technique, endurance and exploration are three words that can define your experience overcoming the challenges that can be met going up a mountain in either the summer or winter.

Every uphill road will be a stimulating challenge and the amazing view that will appear in front of you will be the right award for your effort.

Climbing or ice routes, normal paths to the tops of the most famous mountains, vie ferrate paths and ski alpinism are just some of the activities that you can request, and the Alpine Guides will know how to share their knowledge and guide you so that you can practice these mountain sports safely while receiving the right tips.

Useful tips for mountaineering

This section is dedicated to the various sports that are practiced in the mountains, such as mountain climbing, vie ferrate routes, ascents up to 4000 mt in the Alps, ski mountaineering, etc…

Each discipline has its own specific features, so participants can get detailed information directly from our guides.

We recommend wearing layered clothes appropriate for the type of sport that has been chosen (i.e. see the Trekking section).

Each discipline has its own requirements: skiing, ropes, crampons, ice axes, climbing harnesses, carabiners, etc. Your guide will give you all the necessary information about the equipment that you will need and if it is possible to rent it.

Footwear: there is specific footwear for each activity. Please follow your guide’s advice when choosing.

An ergonomic backpack with straps that can wrap around your waist; a 30-35 litre capacity is suitable for a day trip.

A backpack cover in case it rains.

In addition to clothing and equipment, it is important to consider the food and drinks that you will take along with you.

The activities that we offer will require good physical endurance and are sometimes done at high altitudes, where your body will need the right fuel.

Dimensione Attiva recommends dedicating time to this aspect and following the suggestions that your guides give you.

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