Nordic Walking

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Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a style of walking which allows you to work your whole body thanks to the use of specially designed walking poles, and unlike hiking, which is done on narrow, winding and often steep  trails, Nordic walking can be done on semi-flat terrain or on slopes as long as they allow for the correct technique. In other words, it’s an outdoor sport that everyone can do without a problem.

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Tips on how to practice Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking can be practiced in different ways. Most people do it to keep in shape and to go on walks on semi-flat grounds during the year. We suggest wearing layered clothes.

Base layer: your first layer will touch your skin, so it needs to allow your skin to breath correctly (we do not recommend wearing natural fibers like cotton) and the weight should be taken into consideration based on the season.

Second or mid-layer: it should be one or more layers, such as a turtleneck  or a light or medium weight, long sleeved shirt; a waistcoat or an appropriate technical jacket based on the season.

Third layer: the most outer layer is usually a waterproof and windproof jacket (also known as a shell jacket): you will need this layer in case of bad weather or adverse climatic conditions and it would be best if it were made out of Goretex or other similar materials. They should be light so that once they are folded they won’t take up much space in your backpack. Your clothes should allow you to move freely when doing Nordic Walking.

For the lower half of your body, we suggest long trousers made out of a technical material that allows you to move without any restraints. Leggings can also be a good option.

Running socks (ergonomic and with different areas of cushioning) are recommended compared to cotton socks.

A lightweight backpack with ergonomic features for shorter activities. A waist pack with a water bottle carrier is also suitable.

Footwear: running shoes or lightweight trekking shoes that have a good lateral grip and non-slip outsoles

Walking poles made specifically for Nordic Walking

In this section, we give some general tips and a list of  accessories to help you to avoid unpleasant situations.

We suggest keeping a change of clothes in your backpack (a shirt), which could be useful when you sweat or get wet.

Be sure to have sunglasses with a filter category of 3 (all sunglasses should have the category written on them, ranging from 1 to 4). This level is ideal for most outdoor activities.

Sunscreen and protective lip balm, which give you protection from UV rays during summer activities and from the wind as well.

Bring an adequate quantity of liquids (i.e. a bottle of water). For hotter places, we suggest increasing the amount of water, and perhaps adding electrolytes to your drink.

During your walk, energy bars are a good option as they take up little space while providing an adequate amount of energy.  If you choose more traditional foods, it’s better to choose foods rich in carbohydrates.

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