Sicily: Favignana – Trapanese nature park at the end of the summer

The Dolomites – Primiero and Vanoi valleys
8 October 2017

from May to October

The Trapanese Nature Parks and the beautiful attractions in Favignana

One of the most charming areas of Italy to be visited at the beginning of autumn even if it feels like summer, and this could be the theme of this holiday. In this period it is indeed possible to experience a Mediterranean summer without the extremely hot temperatures that are typical in the real summer months. The water of the sea, on the other hand, could be warmer. If we combine this to everything that we could see while visiting western Sicily, it becomes an offer that is difficult to say no to. The first two days will be dedicated to touring around Favignana, exploring the marine area as well as climbing up Monte Santa Caterina where you can get a 360° view of the archipelago ; very few places in the world have panoramas like this one. We will then move on to Trapani where we will catch a private bus to Monte Cofano Park and Zingaro Nature Reserve, a stunning area filled with absolute beauty where the sea and mountains come harmoniously together leaving our walkers unique sensations and emotions; the right way to prepare you for the upcoming winter months. In addition to this, the area has much more to offer from a naturalistic, historical, archeological and food and wine point of view, making this holiday particularly special.

The soothing warm waters of this period, the archeological sites, Trapani, Erice,Monte Cofano and Zingaro Nature Reserve, hiking and swimming around Favignana, the delicious local cuisine and the last summer outing before autumn.

Day 1:

Meet at the airport of Trapani at 10:45 or at the naval passenger port of Trapani at 12:00. Departure from the port by hydrofoil at 12:45. Arrival at the hotel. Room assignment and free time at the beach. Dinner and overnight stay. If you have different needs, it will also be possible to meet at the port of Trapani or directly at the hotel in Favignana.

Day 2:

“The turquoise sea and the charming coves” (Favignana). Departure from the port of Cala Principale and arrival at the archeological area of San Nicola passing through the charming tuff coves. Right past Cala Rossa, the path starts to twist and turn through a string of coves and inlets, the best time to have a swim. Finally, after arriving in Punta Longa, a fishermen’s village and home to a little port, we’ll head back to the village. Lunch at your leisure. Return to the hotel. In the afternoon a tour of the Florio Factory to relive the history of the island, tied to tuna fishing and the Florio family. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3:

Check-out after breakfast. A hike on Monte Santa Caterina where we will find a Norman fortress located 310 m above sea level. While climbing up, we will be able to admire the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub and we might be able to run into some animals found on the island, such as wild rabbits and various species of birds; once at the fortress we will be able to take in the stunning views of Egadi and the Trapani area. In the afternoon, transfer to the port of Favignana and then back to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4:

After breakfast, transfer by bus to Monte Cofano for a hike through the park. A pleasant trail that runs along the coast where you can enjoy a relaxing walk around the entire promontory. The entire trail reaches the top of the mountain where you can enjoy amazing views of the golf. The ascent up to the top is optional as it has a few technical parts on rocky paths. In the early afternoon, a tour around Erice. The city is surrounded by an immense wall (dating back to the 7th century B.C.) and at the summit we can find the Norman Castle the cathedral, also called Matrice, (1314) which still has the original 14th century Gothic structures with its bell tower and double-arched windows and the Spanish Quarter. The historical centre has a typical medieval urban setting with squares, and narrow winding roads lined with beautiful flower-filled courtyards. Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 5:

Trekking in the Zingaro Nature Reserve.

All it takes is just one glimpse of Zingaro to understand that it is not just any corner of the Mediterranean. It’s only 7 kilometers long but it would take days to complete all the winding trails,  that go from the sea to the mountain, and the rocky peaks that reach almost a thousand meters. The coves tucked into the paths along the way are temptations way too difficult to deny, and just one deviation from the main path will make you feel like Robinson Crusoe. But first we have to enjoy the view, 1620 hectares tucked between the sea and the mountains in an explosion of colours and scents. We’ll leave from Scopello and head towards San Vito Lo Capo. Along the walk we will see the small Museum of Marine Activities that preserves signs and testimony of the local fishing activities, fishing nets and a model of the tuna-fishing net of Scopello. We will see various inlets, including the one called Tonnarella dell’Uzzo, a white jewel set on a turquoise mirror. Return to the hotel in the afternoon. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6:

We’ll check out after breakfast. During the day you will be free to wander around Trapani, the area dedicated to salt (the salt museum), the archeological site of Mozia or to the beach (all necessary information will be given during the holiday). Lunch will be at your leisure. At 5pm depart by bus for the Airport of Trapani. Expected arrival at the Airport of Trapani is at about 5:30pm.

The walks are suitable for everyone, trekkers and Nordic walkers. The change in elevation is moderate so this allows even new fitness walkers to participate. All you need to have is a minimal level of fitness habits, such as walking. The excursions are easy and are on trails that twist and turn around the Mediterranean scrub going from the coast to the neighbouring mountainous areas. There will always be the possibility to have a swim during the outings.

All major airports in Italy have flights to Trapani. As an alternative, it is possible to fly to Palermo, which has more frequent flights, and then take a bus to Trapani. As a general indication, searching on the 27th of April, Ryanair Airline was offering roundtrip tickets leaving from Bergamo Orio (north of Italy) at 8:40am on the 28th of Sept. (arriving in Trapani at 10:25 am) and returning on the 3rd of October leaving from Trapani at 6:45 pm (arriving in Bergamo at 8:30 pm) for approximately €90.00 including  hand luggage (+ €36.00 for checked luggage max. 15kg roundtrip). Should you have different needs, it will be possible to meet at the port in Trapani or directly in the hotel in Favignana.

– For information:

– The planned activities and itinerary will be carried out weather permitting. Alternative excursions or activities will be proposed if necessary.

– The holiday will take place as long as the minimum number of persons has been reached; should that minimum number not be reached, the client will be fully reimbursed.

– The holiday will take place, upon decision of the organizers, even if the minimum number of persons hasn’t been reached, only with the accompaniment and the assistance of the local guide.

– The hotel accommodation facilities could change, in case the standard and services will be guaranteed

– The itinerary is subject to change based on weather conditions with the final decision being that of the guides.

– Recommended equipment: for more information click here

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