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Discover Sicily, the Aeolian Islands and Vulcano Island on foot

The Aeolian Islands, an archipelago with volcanic origins, whose history and culture intertwine with its lush landscape. The archipelago’s name comes from Aeolus, the god of the winds, who had his reign here according to Homer. Seven islands: Lipari, Salina, Vulcano, Stromboli, Panarea, Filicudi and Alicudi, each with its own “identity” and all surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. “Wandering islands” formed by the numerous volcanic eruptions that took place for thousands of years and shaped by the wind and sea; many different groups of people crossed this sea and landed here on the Aeolian Islands and each one influenced and contributed to the culture and traditions of the islands. The influences and contributions can still be seen today. In 2000 the islands became a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its two active volcanoes, Vulcano and Stromboli, which gave names to the two islands respectively. A territory and a group of people that are able to please all types of travellers. The islands are ideal for visitors looking for a relaxing atmosphere but who also want to make the most out of the surrounding crystal clear sea; the perfect combination for an unforgettable holiday. If you want “adventure” you these islands are the place for you with splendid nature walks. You can explore and trek through the Aeolian Islands on the ancient country roads, used by farmers and shepherds, passing by pumice quarries or perhaps even reaching the tops of active volcanoes like Stromboli or Vulcano to admire the spectacular shows offered by nature unlike anywhere else in the world. Let’s not forget the many archaeological sites found all over the islands and the vast collection at the Archaeological Museum of the Aeolian Islands, located in the old Castle of Lipari, one of the most important museums in Europe of its type, where you can learn about the islands’ history dating back to the 4th millennium BC.

  • the active volcanoes of Stromboli and Vulcano;
  • Alicudi where time seems frozen;
  • the unique atmosphere of Lipari;
  • the nature reserve and forests of Salina;
  • swimming in a crystal clear sea;
  • “cunzato” bread, granitas, the unique lights and colours;
  • the archaeological sites;
  • the local typical food of the Aeolian Islands.

Day 1:

Meet at 6pm at the hotel in Lipari, a group briefing with a presentation of the itinerary, dinner and overnight stay.
As an alternative, and upon individual request, we can assist with other travel arrangements to Lipari.


Day 2:

Excursion on the Island of Lipari.
Transfer by a private bus to Quattropani. The excursion will start with the kaolin (china clay) quarries, a fascinating place that has been abandoned for almost half a century, facing the wild western coast; along the route we will meet the colourful kaolin formations, a field of fumaroles that testifies the volcanic activities on the island, the cliffs of a big fossil lake filled with volcanic deposits from about 100,000 years ago and splendid prairies with scatterings of miniature palm trees. We will continue along the coast, climb up to the Thermal Baths of San Calogero and then have a tour of the 19th century structure and of the archaeological site. We’ll then head back on a private coach to Lipari where we will have some free time. Most of the roads and paths on the route will be downhill.

Level of difficulty: easy to moderate
Change in elevation: 350 m


Day 3:

Excursion to the Island of Vulcano
We’ll transfer to Vulcano on a private boat. We’ll trek to the crater called “La Fosse”, which was the scene of a devastating eruption in 1888, and today it is characterized by intense secondary phenomena; on the tour we will be able to observe the volcanic deposits emitted from various past eruptions, as well as the morphology of the area around the crater (that rises up out of a vast caldera marked by a series of volcanic domes) and the peninsula of Vulcanello, the last portion of the island that was formed around 2000 years ago. After visiting the fields of fumaroles, we will return to our base taking an off-track sandy path that goes through wild broom, the very first form of vegetation of the volcano. After arriving at the port of Vulcano, we will have some free time for having lunch, swimming, visiting mud puddles and enjoying the warm waters of the beach in Levante or the black beaches in Ponente. We will then head back to Lipari on a private boat with a quick stop at the sea stacks of Pietra Menalda and Pietra Lunga.

Packed lunches or guests can choose to have lunch in one of the restaurants on the island.
Level of difficulty: easy to moderate
Change in elevation: about 400 m


Day 4:

Excursion to the Island of Alicudi
We’ll transfer to Alicudi on a private boat. After arriving in Scalo Palomba, we will start the ascent up and we will see the 17th century Saint Bartolo Church (350 m), the village of Montagna (480 m) and the “plains” below Filo dell’Arpa (550 m), along stone stairs with more than 1500 steps. We’ll break for lunch on the border of the sea stacks, which dominate the inaccessible western coast, a shelter for wild goats, Eleonora’s falcons and rare botanical species. We will return to the base using the same route, passing through magical places of an island where time seems to have stopped. We will return to Lipari on a private boat. During the crossing, it might be possible to see some dolphins.

Packed lunches.
Level of difficult: easy to moderate
Change in elevation: 550 m


Day 5:

Excursion to the Island of Salina
We’ll transfer on a private boat to the port of Rinella where we will take a private boat to Valdichiesa. We will go trekking through Monte Fossa delle Felci, the first nature reserve to be instituted on the Aeolian Islands, which is characterized by thick woods, Erika shrubs and strawberry trees (some of which are particularly large). The route, winding partially along trail no. 12 and partially through forests, will take us up to the highest peak of the archipelago (962 m.). We will return on trail no. 7 stopping in the village of Malfa where we will take a break for food and wine tasting at the Fenech wine cellar. We will then take a private coach to S. Marina to board the boat for Lipari.

Level of difficulty: easy to moderate
Change in elevation: about 580 m


Day 6:

Excursion to Stromboli
After breakfast, check-out.
Transfer to Stromboli by hydrofoil and check-in to the hotel. Participants will then have free time to have lunch and go to the beaches. In the afternoon, an excursion to the craters of Stromboli: this excursion to the craters is truly fascinating, allowing you to admire a magnificent show of nature. For thousands of years the volcano erupted, non-stop, at such regular intervals that it earned the name the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”. For participants who are not interested in climbing to the top, it’s possible to reach the area called the “Observatory” , which is a natural terrace where you can admire the “Sciara del Fuoco” (which is the blackened laval scar running down Stromboli) with immense explosions and hear the noise made by the lava as it rolls down the valley and makes contact with the water. The drastic change in temperature is exactly what causes the fragments of lava to become volcanic glass. For those interested in climbing Stromboli, the appointment is in the afternoon at the tour guide office to get ready and make sure you have all the gear. The ascent will take about 3 hours with a break at the summit, whereas the descent will take about 2 hours. Packed dinners or dinner in one of the restaurants in the village. Overnight stay in the hotel.

Level of difficulty: easy in terms of technique. However, the ascent will require a certain level of strength.
Change in elevation: 850 m


Day 7:

After breakfast, check-out from the hotel. Transfer to Lipari by hydrofoil and then departure for original destinations.

The walks are suitable for everyone, and they are day-long excursions. The moderate changes in elevation allow even people who are new to fitness to participate in the activities. It’s necessary to have a minimal level of fitness habits and to be accustomed to walking.The excursions are easy and are on winding paths that go through the Mediterranean scrub along the coast and around surrounding mountainous areas. There will also be the possibility to go swimming during the excursions. The climb up Stromboli will take 3 hours and it will be done at a slow pace uphill with a volcanology guide.

On individual request, we can help you with your travel arrangements to and from Lipari from your country of residence. (send an email to:

-There are frequent flights departing from many Italian and foreign airports to the Airport of Catania. You can also reach Messina by ferry and then take a hydrofoil from Milazzo to the Aeolian Islands.

-There are various bus lines to / from the Airport of Catania to the port of Milazzo.

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